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Frans Cronjé: Iémand roer die pot van aanhitsing – Rapport, 8 November 2015

Die studentebetogings waardeur die land vanjaar geteister is, is deur ’n aantal ontleders en aktiviste as net so belangrik beskryf as dié van 1976. Daar is egter ’n betekenisvolle verskil. In 1976 was die revolusie gerig teen ’n verdagte en ongeoorloofde regering in ’n land waar die meerderheid mense geen ander opsie gehad het nie as gewelddadige protes om die regering te verander. In 2015 regverdig diegene wat hulle tot gewelddadige betogings wend, ’n opstand teen ’n regmatige demokrasie. Die enigste ooreenkoms is dat daar, net soos in 1976 toe daar teen veel meer as Afrikaans geprotesteer is, weer baie meer aan die gebeur is as net ’n protesbeweging teen universiteitsgelde.

Free speech 1 - UCT 0 - Politicsweb, 15 May 2017

Mr Rose, at the time an editor on a Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, sprang from obscurity to global notoriety in 2005 when he published a cartoon of the Muslim prophet Mohamed with a bomb in his turban. He did so not as an act of provocation, but because he been shocked at the self-censorship in the Danish press and wanted both to highlight this and to take a stand against it. He did not foresee the outrage his action would cause, let alone that it would necessitate having to employ bodyguards even today.

Future of the ANC in four scenarios - News24, 02 July 2017

The NEC offers none of this. Instead, it highlights a managerial type of conflict. The battle between the leading contenders, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, is framed as a fight – corruption versus clean governance, consultative processes versus ministerial fiat, radicalism versus moderation. Business-wise, these concerns are about ethical leadership, stakeholder relations and change management. However, little of these concerns determines the political agenda.

Gauteng education department's master class in delusion - News24 Gauteng education department's master class in delusion - News24

23 January 2018 - How long the charade will last is hard to tell, but the Gauteng department of education has to date done very well in getting parents, activists, journalists and analysts to focus on almost everything other than the real problems confronting the education of their children.

George Palmer and the FM in the 1970s - Politicsweb

5 January 2018 - Palmer sometimes toned down some of my articles, but otherwise he allowed me as much freedom as I could reasonably have wished for – although on one occasion at an editorial meeting when I suggested yet another political leader, he thumped his desk and declared "I want stories about making money!"

Gordhan’s firing – why did it happen and what will happen next?

What explains the allegedly irrational decisions taken by the South African government over recent days? Two explanations suggest themselves. The first is that the decisions were not irrational, but part of a calculated power-play designed to further entrench the Zuma-aligned faction of the African National Congress (ANC). The second is that Mr Zuma took the decision to fire Pravin Gordhan under duress – and specifically Russian duress.