IRR Initiatives

friends of IRR.pngFriends of the IRR

The work of the IRR has attracted the support of many South Africans, with thousands of people from across the country signing up as Friends of the IRR to make it possible, through monthly donations ranging from R80-R150, for us to promote the ideas and fight for the policies that will make South Africa the great success it can be.

Join our growing movement of like-minded, freedom-loving South Africans today and help us make a real difference.

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dailyfriend.pngDaily Friend

Establishing an independent, formidable, and fearless platform to promote the values and ideas of freedom and classical liberalism to the general public is key to influencing public debate and policy decisions, and mobilising South Africans to not just hope for a better future, but actively help to realise it.

The Daily Friend is the IRR’s online news and opinion website – the fastest growing liberal source of insight into current affairs in South Africa.

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cra.pngCentre For Risk Analysis

Advising and informing business and corporate entities about the risks and opportunities of political policy is key to ensuring economic success in South Africa.

The Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA) helps organisations and individuals to understand the current political and economic environment, and the trends that point to what is to come. CRA clients gain access to a range of research products, online briefings, and strategic intelligence services as part of their ongoing subscription.

The CRA helps clients understand the socio-economic and political landscape, prepare for risks and opportunities, and prosper through unparalleled analysis and insight.

Visit the CRA YouTube channel for interviews and analysis.

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fsu.pngFree Speech Union

Freedom of expression lies at the heart of public and policy discourse and change. The Free Speech Union South Africa (FSU SA) promotes free speech and defends your right to speak freely by providing public and private support, advising and assisting you in the event of any person, group, institution or social media platform violating your right to freedom of expression, and assisting you in challenging any attempt by any person, group of people or institution to limit your free speech or engender an environment which prevents or discourages you from speaking out.

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Race-Law-transparent_png.pngRace Law

Race Law is a public-interest initiative by the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR) to index all the statutes, regulations, policies, and superior court judgments that perpetuate racialism as a matter of law. It does so through the Index of Race Law.

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