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‘Praat gaan nie help nie – ons soek oplossings’ – Rapport, 26 April 2015

Dit lyk asof Mmusi Maimane vir seker die volgende leier van die opposisie sal wees. Baie mense kritiseer sy gebrek aan politieke ervaring, maar die DA het oorgenoeg bekwame strategiese leiers wat hom kan help. Wat belangrik is, is waarheen mnr Maimane die DA beleidsgewys sal lei. Ek het mnr Maimane gevra om in sy eie woorde hierop te antwoord met die volgende vyf vrae.

“Induced” water shortage threatens growth, development & health – BizNews, 11 November 2015

The water shortages are having an affect on all South Africa citizens and on Biznews yesterday we got Anthony Turton’s take on the situation. His conclusion is that as much as the drought is a cause for concern, the actual water shortages are ‘induced’ due to a skills shortage and ineffective water waste management systems. In the article below the Institute of Race Relations’ Anthea Jeffery takes the discussion a step further. She says the drought will slow economic growth, threaten future development and is a public health concern

2029 And What A Socialist, Populist South Africa Might Look Like - Huffington Post, 10 May 2017

It has been a year since South Africans dejectedly went to the 2029 polls in what independent observers widely regard as a rigged set of elections. An all-powerful, and once popular, socialist government has destroyed South Africa's democracy. The economy continues its decline and no end appears in sight to the hell that South Africans have lived through over the past decade.

A disgraced NPA - Politicsweb, 16 October 2016

If the top prosecutor in any country ruled by law charged its finance minister with fraud and theft one's shock would be tempered by confidence that the prosecutor had a watertight case. If, for example, the outgoing public protector, Thuli Madonsela, had been the one laying charges against Pravin Gordhan this week, that would have b

A fibbery index for South Africa - Politicsweb, 13 July 2017

The index would need to be quite sophisticated. It would have to keep track of lies that we pretend to believe even when we know they are not true. This would include the most pervasive of all current South African lies, which is that black economic empowerment (BEE) actually empowers black people. If ever there were an emperor without any clothes, this is he, or indeed she. But nobody wants to say so.

A new dawn for mining? - Politicsweb

19 February 2018 - It may be stating the obvious, but viable business depends above all on a relatively simple mathematical calculation: the revenue that a firm is able to make must, over time, exceed the costs it incurs in the course of its activities. Where this calculation fails, business becomes – in a rational sense – impossible.