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'Black hair' rules in schools: A reality check - Politicsweb, 03 September 2017

Pupils at a public high school in a West Rand township visited two weeks ago were inspected by a "patroller" as they entered through the school gates. The headmistress explained that this was to ensure that they did not wear "branded clothing" instead of the school uniform, which included ties on boys. Pupils who wore such clothing tended to show off, which she did not think appropriate when 40% of all the pupils lived in shacks. These "show-offs" also tended to be more rebellious.

#Budget2016 – IRR’s sobering reality. FinMin undershot, stagflation likely outcome – BizNews, 24 February 2016

Following Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s budget speech, industry veteran Ian Cruickshanks applied his mind to the outcome. He says despite Gordhan saying that South Africa is “imaginative and resilient enough” to turn the economy around and that “we need action and not just words”, the steps announced did not go nearly far enough to halt and reverse South Africa’s economic decline. In this fantastic analysis the Institute of Race Relations Chief Economist provides a sobering reality check of what to expect from the economy in 2016. – Stuart Lowman

Bury the plans for a state mining company - 30th April 2009

John Kane-Berman wrote in Business Day this morning that, "All these risks aside, the idea of a state mining company might turn out to be brilliant — so brilliant that we should all rush out and buy shares in rival firms digging out whatever minerals the state decides to mine. This is because the new company is likely to be so badly run that the minerals in question will remain in the ground, contributing to global shortages, so pushing global prices up. The bull market would be back."

Business should stop short-changing itself and start fighting - Politicsweb, 12 June 2017

A recent survey by Brunswick, a consultancy firm, showed that 37% of South Africans were positive about capitalism. Given the rhetoric berating "white monopoly capitalism" this seems a high proportion. On the other hand, it chimes with surveys by the Institute of Race Relations showing that most people have more important things to worry about, especially unemployment.

Businessmen and politics - Politicsweb, 02 March 2017

We are in the earliest days of a grand experiment to test the validity of the notion that the businessman’s dispassionate acumen can transform our sclerotic federal government into something with private sector efficiency.’