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A tale of two Equality Court cases - Politicsweb, 13 July 2017

The document then notes: Mr Masuku, in response to a letter from the South African Human Rights Commission dated 11 May 2009 outlining the allegations made by the SAJBD denied that his remarks were tantamount to hate speech and stated that the “constant cry of ‘hate speech’ from the South African Jewish Board

A truly radical SONA would tackle the land grab question - Fin24

16 February 2018 - The leadership change in the ruling party and the government has generally been welcomed by the local and international business communities as an opportunity to put South Africa on a high-growth and developmentally orientated course. However, this sentiment is likely to prove fickle if the government commits to a course of action that will undermine the economic foundations of the country.

Adam Habib's dilemma - Politicsweb, 09 October 2016

Although the demand for free higher education still dominates discussion of the crisis at South African universities, the issue is no longer that but one of law and order. In particular, it is whether universities are willing and able to ensure that students who wish to attend lectures or write exams are able to do so in the face of disruption, threat, and violence.

All animals are equal, except the Afrikaans ones - Politicsweb

14 January 2018 - In July 2016, that court criticised the civil rights group Afriforum for "advancing illegitimate sectarian interests through legal stratagems" by making use of the constitution and the courts. At issue was an attempt by Afriforum to prevent the changing of certain street names in Pretoria. This was held to be an intolerable attempt to perpetuate apartheid.

An all too rare case of business leadership - Politicsweb, 01 May 2017

Speaking at his shareholders' meeting, Mr Froneman said that his company would be "very careful" with any further investment in South Africa until it was clear that mining had a future here. Sibanye, which is a major producer of gold and platinum, has previously shown an interest in buying coal mines. Asked whether his company was still interested in such purchases, Mr Froneman said that he did not see any company being able to make further investments until South Africa "gets its house in order".