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Draft BEE regulations must be rejected – pushing SA over a fiscal cliff – BizNews, 22 July 2015

Under draft regulations published last week, the National Treasury is proposing that government tenders up to R10m will in future be evaluated only 50% on price, while the preferential weighting for black economic empowerment (BEE) will also count 50%. This increased BEE weighting will encourage still more inflated prices from BEE “tenderpreneurs” – and yet more firmly subordinate the interests of the poor to the interests of a small elite.

'DTI equals Destruction of Trade and Industry' - Business Day, 29th April 2013.

In his fortnightly column in Business Day, the Institute's CEO, John Kane-Berman, says that the Licensing of Business Bill of 2013 is another step closer to bringing about a 'national democratic society' through the National Democratic Revolution. The ANC recommitted itself to this objective at the national conference in Mangaung in December last year.

Du Preez, Zille and the political expedience of public intellectuals - News24, 08 June 2017

In a debate the goal of critical thinkers, let’s call them ‘public intellectuals’, and politicians must differ in one singularly important aspect: concerns about style and form belong to the politicians; substance must be the terrain of the public intellectual. Leave the politicians to worry about how the debate is spun in their favour, and the intelligentsia must worry about the integrity of the content of the debate. Max Du Preez’s article titled, “Dear Helen, please call it off” subordinates substance to expedience, an act that is nearly always shameful for a public intellectual, but sometimes necessary for a politician.

Economic growth the only way to escape shoddy state houses - Business Day, 9th May 2011.

In his fortnightly column in Business Day, CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations, John Kane-Berman, argues, "It is not often that the government puts a price tag on failed policies, but that is what the Department of Human Settlements recently did with nepotism, cadre deployment, affirmative action, "tenderpreneurship" and general corruption in subsidised housing under the reconstruction and development programme (RDP)."

Economic needs must trump anti-western ideology – Biznews, 3 September 2015

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) seems intent on alienating the West and adopting a rigid pro-Russia and pro-China stance. However, the Western countries it is busy targeting have long been South Africa’s most important investors, whereas investment from China and Russia has thus far been very limited.

Electricity and Mining - Polity

8 December 2017 - Ernest Hemingway might have been writing about Eskom’s decline when he explained how bankruptcy happens. ‘Two ways … Gradually and then suddenly’, he wrote in one of his more obscure novels (‘The Sun Also Rises’) in 1926.

Empathise, dammit! [[[or damn it!]]] - Polity.org.za

Mike Berger (Trump and the crisis of the West, Politicsweb, 15 February 2017) refers to “a growing constituency in academia and the media focused mainly on a limitless smorgasbord of 'minority rights' and Western guilt for all manner of internal and global ills… such arguments [having] powerfully reinforced virulent ethnic and ideological identity politics in an increasing spiral of polarisation.”