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Growth has to be our topmost priority - Politicsweb

4 February 2018 - The surest way to demonstrate one's politically correct credentials and signal one's virtue these days is to bewail supposedly mounting "inequality". Given its view that capitalism is a "crime against humanity", it was only to be expected that Oxfam should make a meal of inequality and demand that it be remedied by "more tax justice", whatever that may mean.

Gwede Mantashe destroys big chance for SA in sneaky mining charter challenge - BizNews

3 May 2018 - Mantashe has decided to go back to court to contest the declaratory order obtained by the Chamber of Mines three weeks ago. Although that decision has been most widely reported for upholding the ‘once empowered always empowered principle’, Mantashe seems to be protesting a different aspect of the judgment – its assertion that the charter is not legally binding on mineral rights holders.

Hail to the power of citizens who survive Zuma and his ilk - Business Day

19 February 2018 - It’s a marvel how things change, that to be a Zuma might, implicitly, trump being a Verwoerd. Both men, as it happens, represent a continuum of sorts: the truth about SA, recently addressed by distinguished political analyst RW Johnson, that we are a nation obsessed with Leaders with a capital L.

Here’s more evidence why BEE will never work - BizNews, 18 October 2017

According to Treasury’s report, about 6.5m people currently belong to occupational retirement funds. Of these members, 67% are black African, 12% are ‘coloured’, 4% are Indian, and 17% are white. Equivalent figures for RA fund members are not provided, but the demographic spread may be much the same.

Here's why SA needs a new approach to empowerment - News24, 12 September 2017

At the same time, empowerment policy as practised is increasingly coming to serve as a tool of wealth extraction for a politically connected elite. More and more, the recent Mining Charter being a prime example, we see a pattern of policy makers using harsh regulatory mechanisms, passed in the supposed interests of transformation or redress, to extract wealth from private sector companies.

HIV/AIDS successes show SA can fix its problems - Business Day, 10th August 2012.

It is all too easy to criticise governments. However, there is an example where the government is due credit, mainly because it shows how things can be done. This is the successful implementation of a nationwide HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention programme that has come to light most recently at the 19th International AIDS Conference held in Washington DC.

Hoe om die stryd in die ANC te verstaan – Rapport, 14 March 2016

Die ANC is in ’n oorlog gewikkel. As ’n mens die bewysstukke saamvoeg, bestaan die ANC nou uit twee breë kampe wat ons as die linker- en regtervleuel van die party beskryf. Ons bronne is nie onberispelik nie, maar ons is daarvan oortuig dat die ontleding hieronder grotendeels akkuraat is.

Hoërskool Overvaal: Lesufi's awful record - Politicsweb

24 January 2018 - “The school's Afrikaans-only language policy was previously rejected by the education department”, and that “Afrikaans was a language that symbolised ‘sorrow and tears to the majority of those (of) whom it was not their mother tongue’”.