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Encouraging expropriation – Daily Maverick, 3 March 2015

The government says the current Expropriation Act of 1975 is unconstitutional and has to be replaced. To this end, it has recently put forward a reworked Expropriation Bill, but this Bill is just as unconstitutional as the present statute.

Enough with the pseudo-experts - Politicsweb, 27 November 2016

Donald Trump's election to the American presidency not only confounded pollsters and freaked out the media, it also made fools of some of the film stars who strut the global political stage. These worthy personages seem to operate on the assumption that being a celebrity automatically confers upon them a special wisdom not bestowed

Equitable investment treaties? Protects China, chastises West – BizNews, 23 September 2015

South Africa’s bilateral investment treaty (BIT) with China gives Chinese investors all the standard protections that BITs commonly contain. Chinese investors thus have a right to fair and equitable treatment, the full market value of expropriated investments, and international arbitration to settle any disputes. They can also easily take back to China both the capital they have invested in South Africa and the profits or returns that this has generated.

EWC: A lurch towards disaster - Politicsweb

2 March 2018 - The ruling ANC’s shift towards a constitutional amendment allowing it to expropriate land without paying compensation has prompted a warning from the Wall Street Journal that “(s)eizing private property has produced misery everywhere it has been tried. South Africans don’t need more of that.”

Expropriation without compensation: about so much more than land - Voices360

12 January 2018 - So goes the narrative around the controversial policy stance adopted by the ANC’s 54th elective conference last month. For supporters and detractors alike, it is a policy aimed at South Africa’s farmland and its farming economy, something which most of the country will watch – with anticipation or trepidation – from afar

Fantasties, fun and the mass production of black millionaires – Business Day, 25 August 2014

THE more the government fails with the basics, the more it takes refuge in fantasy. It cannot keep the lights on, stop rhino poaching, or get the teachers it employs to spend more than three hours a day in class, but it will now mass-produce black industrialists and black farmers. That’s in addition to achieving "energy sovereignty", setting up a Brics bank, establishing our own shipping fleet, and creating a "mining champion".

FirstRand's assault on 'thought leadership' - Politicsweb, 13 November 2017

Founded in 1929, the IRR is but two years away from celebrating its 90th birthday. Throughout its history, the organisation has fought racial discrimination and promoted the principle of equality before the law. It has also argued that promotions and appointments should be made on merit rather than on racial grounds. It has also applied these principles in its own operations.