Media Releases

The IRR puts out in the region of 50 media releases annually drawing attention to its major research and policy findings.

In addition you are welcome, as a journalist, to contact an IRR analyst at any time to help you source a piece of information on South Africa. Contact us for more info.

Inside South Africa’s ‘Secret Police’

21 March 2018 - Few things in South Africa are more visible and yet more secretive than the VIP Protection Services, the subject of the IRR’s latest report, South Africa’s Secret Police: Inside the Multi-Billion Rand, Clandestine VIP Protection Services

Racial goodwill in South Africa an important reason for hope

20 March 2018 - The IRR celebrates Human Rights Day with the release of its latest research showing that relations between South Africans of different races are mainly positive, with an overwhelming majority believing that ‘the different races need each other for progress and there should be equal opportunities for all’.

What South Africa needs to do to beat unemployment

14 March 2018 - Data in the 2018 edition of the South Africa Survey, published by the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR), underlines the urgent need for investment, economic growth and policy reforms, especially in education, if the country is to reduce its high unemployment figures.

Sisulu’s words do not compensate for reality

7 March 2018 ­- Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Lindiwe Sisulu statement on expropriation without compensation offers little reassurance to foreign investors and their governments.

A profound danger for SA’s economic future

26 February 2018 – The IRR warns that any renewed effort in the National Assembly to begin the process of introducing a regime of expropriation without compensation represents a profound danger for South Africa’s economic future.

Nothing to be had if the cupboard is bare

22 February 2018 – The latest edition of Fast Facts, ‘Old Mother Hubbard’, from the Centre for Risk Analysis at the IRR, assesses the 2018 Budget, warning that, in the absence of profound changes in economic policy, “Mr Ramaphosa will fail to translate his political success into an economic reformation”.