Media Releases

The IRR puts out in the region of 50 media releases annually drawing attention to its major research and policy findings.

In addition you are welcome, as a journalist, to contact an IRR analyst at any time to help you source a piece of information on South Africa. Contact us for more info.

The EFF’s Internal Revolution

8 February 2018 ­ ­­- ‘The EFF’s Internal Revolution’, the latest report from the IRR, documents the extraordinary turnover rate of MPs inside the party’s national caucus, and examines its organizational culture.

South Africa, State of the Nation in 2018: Prognosis for Reform

7 February 2018 – “South Africa, State of the Nation in 2018: Prognosis for Reform”, the latest report from the Centre for Risk Analysis at the IRR, is a timely analysis of the fundamental steps that will be needed to convert the country’s newfound optimism at the ascendancy of Cyril Ramaphosa into the substantive and measurable gains South Africa so desperately needs.

Best township schools point way to overhauling education

25 January 2018 – Policy Fellow John Kane-Berman’s report acknowledges the achievements of a sample of 12 top-scoring public and independent schools in Gauteng, and reveals the scope for significant improvements in South Africa’s notoriously deficient education system.

Van Onselen joins the IRR

17 January 2018 - Acclaimed political commentator and columnist, Gareth van Onselen, will be joining the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR) as its new Head of Politics and Governance from January 22.

Expropriation without Compensation: not just about land

12 January 2018 - The Institute of Race Relations has taken note of the widespread confusion around the proposal adopted by the African National Congress at its recent elective conference pledging expropriation without compensation to drive land reform.

Deep and dangerous: Health and safety in our mines - IRR Report

15 December 2017 - The latest @Liberty report from the IRR (Institute of Race Relations) – “Deep and Dangerous: Health and Safety in Our Mines” – seeks to explain the current safety and health rules and explore the ways in which they are being implemented.