The Free Society Project

The Free Society Project is the major outreach initiative of the IRR. It is directed at ensuring that South Africa remains a free and open democratic society while creating the economic opportunities necessary to free South Africans from poverty, unemployment, and inequality.

Its specific objectives include:

  • Identifying and advocating for policies that will promote investment and thereby economic growth in South Africa
  • Empowering the media, business, civil society, and political leaders to promote political freedom, access to information, and the rule of law
  • Supporting policy makers in designing policy responses that will improve the lives of ordinary people via better service delivery, improved education, and the creation of economic opportunities for the poor

The project is composed of three separate initiatives each of which are projects in their own right and managed by their own project a manager:

  • The first is the Media Alert Service through which we directly support journalists with access to information in South Africa. Nearly 650 media agencies, bureaus, newspapers, television stations and radio stations around the world are subscribed to the Media Alert Service. Our target is to grant 1000 media interviews every year through this project and thereby to make a definitive impact in supporting journalists, upholding democracy, and promoting growth focussed policies. If you are journalist click here to join this programme.
  • The second is the Democracy Support Programme that is directed at aiding elected representatives to identify policy challenges, benchmark social and economic progress, and support initiatives that will ensure political and economic freedom. Over 2000 elected representatives across all political parties who subscribe at no cost to the reports and services made avilable via the Democracy Support Programme. This allows us to support the work of all political parties and help politicians advance growth focussed policies. If you are an elected party leader then click here to join this programme.
  • The third is the Civil Society Support Programme through which we directly empower civil society groups to better meet the social and economic needs of their beneficiaries. Over 500 grassroots civil society organisations around South Africa are receiving our information through this programme. This information helps them to better serve their communities and provides them with assistance to write funding proposals to donors, identifying areas of socio-economic need, identifying new project possibilities, and benchmarking socio-economic progress in the country. If you work for a small activist or civil society group then click here to join this programme.