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Colonialism & Zille: There's more to this than you may think - Politicsweb, 19 June 2017

A few months ago Ms Zille quoted Nelson Mandela as having said that South Africa's understanding of the rule of law was part of our colonial heritage. Marian Tupy of the Cato Institute in Washington recalled that a one-time Indian prime minister, Manmohan Singh, said that the judiciary and legal system were among the great institutions derived from British-Indian administration.

The DA is better dead than red

The trouble is that it rang hollow following the official statement which spells out that the leader personally found Zille’s comments offensive and it was precisely because it was painful that the discussion had to be closed. As a result it is not clear which discussion should continue.

Rape plague terrorises SA women, children – IRR report

13 June 2017 – More than 300 000 adult women reported being raped or sexually assaulted in South Africa over the past decade although the actual number is very much higher. This finding comes from the latest South Africa Survey published by the IRR last week.

Business should stop short-changing itself and start fighting - Politicsweb, 12 June 2017

A recent survey by Brunswick, a consultancy firm, showed that 37% of South Africans were positive about capitalism. Given the rhetoric berating "white monopoly capitalism" this seems a high proportion. On the other hand, it chimes with surveys by the Institute of Race Relations showing that most people have more important things to worry about, especially unemployment.

Du Preez, Zille and the political expedience of public intellectuals - News24, 08 June 2017

In a debate the goal of critical thinkers, let’s call them ‘public intellectuals’, and politicians must differ in one singularly important aspect: concerns about style and form belong to the politicians; substance must be the terrain of the public intellectual. Leave the politicians to worry about how the debate is spun in their favour, and the intelligentsia must worry about the integrity of the content of the debate. Max Du Preez’s article titled, “Dear Helen, please call it off” subordinates substance to expedience, an act that is nearly always shameful for a public intellectual, but sometimes necessary for a politician.

Radically transforming transformation - Politicsweb, 05 June 2017

This policy was adopted before the ANC came to power, and has been implemented incrementally since 1994 via a series of racial preferencing laws. Proposed amendments to the mining charter to increase black ownership from 26% to 30% are just the next step. So are all the latest land reform-proposals.

Put education first to transform economy - News24, 04 June 2017

Aside from a universal basic income, a sound way to safeguard a basic level of income for the greatest number of people is to ensure they can be productive participants in the economy by ensuring access to quality education to a minimum level of completion

LETTER: No checkmate for Zuma - Business Day, 31 May 2017

It may indeed be. However, another interpretation of the available evidence is that Zuma remains able to outmanoeuvre his critics and may yet exploit the ANC’s pursuit of year-end unity to put in place an infrastructure that secures his legacy for many years to come.

What free trade has achieved - Politicsweb, 28 May 2017

These giant vessels have played a major role in one of the great success stories of recent years, enabling production of various goods to be relocated from rich to poor countries. As a result, hundreds of millions of people in China and elsewhere in East Asia have been able to start working themselves out of poverty - so much so that rising wages in some of these countries have caused production to be shifted to even poorer places, such as Vietnam.

Free trade: A blessing reviled

25 May 2017 – In a paper released in Johannesburg today, the IRR said that trade liberalisation had helped to lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. "To finally conquer poverty across the globe," further trade liberalisation was an absolutely essential condition.

Land transformation madness - Politicsweb, 21 May 2017

None of these proposed laws is new. However, the government is now due to assess comments on the ceilings and processing bills received by deadlines that expired last week; draft regulations on valuation procedures are open for public comment until 19 June.

Free speech 1 - UCT 0 - Politicsweb, 15 May 2017

Mr Rose, at the time an editor on a Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, sprang from obscurity to global notoriety in 2005 when he published a cartoon of the Muslim prophet Mohamed with a bomb in his turban. He did so not as an act of provocation, but because he been shocked at the self-censorship in the Danish press and wanted both to highlight this and to take a stand against it. He did not foresee the outrage his action would cause, let alone that it would necessitate having to employ bodyguards even today.

2029 And What A Socialist, Populist South Africa Might Look Like - Huffington Post, 10 May 2017

It has been a year since South Africans dejectedly went to the 2029 polls in what independent observers widely regard as a rigged set of elections. An all-powerful, and once popular, socialist government has destroyed South Africa's democracy. The economy continues its decline and no end appears in sight to the hell that South Africans have lived through over the past decade.

Coligny: The shape of things to come? - News24, 09 May 2017

Sun glints off the tin roofs of a nearby shack settlement, home of the boy lying in the dust at our feet. Between us and his parents’ shack is a vast sunflower field owned by Pieter Karsten, a leading farmer and businessman in the town of Coligny.