Things to watch in 2022 that could make or break FREEDOM in South Africa: Numba 2 – NHI
Hermann Pretorius
Feb 13, 2022

The NHI is really nothing less than a cash grab that’ll be run into the ground like almost everything the government is supposed to manage. Think SAA. Think Eskom! Now there’s a thought… Government-run electricity gives us load-shedding – what will government-run healthcare for all South Africans give us? Life-shedding.

Three constitutional values that clash with SA government policies
Tiego Thotse & Lethubuhle Dube
Jan 29, 2022

While the purpose of a policy stance like BEE – to correct historical injustices – may be reasonable, it remains that such a policy position undermines the Rule of Law – a basic component of any well-functioning democracy.