Four powerful quotes that promote job creation over race-obsession

Working people are the driving force for any successful economy - freedom-lovers know this while race-hustlers choose to ignore it.

For many years, research conducted by the South African Institute of Race Relations has consistently shown that ordinary people, like you and I, believe that creating more jobs, fighting corruption, and improving education should be the most important priority for the government.

Despite this, race hustlers in the corporate media, the EFF and ANC have sought to dribble and distract us, by their attempts to ‘fight’ racism, while ignoring a vital element to any healthy society: JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

Here are 4 quotes by freedom loving individuals who believe that we should stop going after fake racism and focus on creating job opportunities for our people:

  1. “You cannot develop an economy when people don't work. People think there is some magic wand to develop an economy. What develops an economy is when every able-bodied person works.” - Moeletsi Mbeki

 Moeltsi Mbeki_Economy_Pic.png

  1. “We need more jobs, not more race laws. We need more skills, not more excuses.” - Gabriel Crouse


  1. “The role of the South African government is to get out of the way when it comes to economic operations of the country. Get out of the way and focus on educating and upskilling people so they are competitive in the market.” - Phumlani Majozi

 phumlani majozi.png

  1. “It is through the creation of businesses that we will create jobs.” - Lesetja Kganyago


These quotes give you the ammunition you need to refute anyone who attempts to distract you from the importance of gainful employment in building a new tomorrow in South Africa. Next time somebody claims that race-based policies are vital for SA's future, quiz them on whether they will actually create a suitable environment in which you and your fellow South Africans are able to experience an abundance of job opportunities to thrive.