Explainer: This is how we save South Africa

Things in South Africa are tough right now. But, they don't have to be. If you get off the sidelines, we can save South Africa.

 Given South Africa's past filled with racist ideas and policies that kill freedom, we've had it tough. Although, our present isn't much better with rampant crime, skyrocketing unemployment and failing services. Many are wondering if there’s any hope of saving South Africa.


Well, there is hope - this is how we save South Africa:





South Africa doesn’t have an easy past.

Colonialism. Tribal conflict. Apartheid. Racist ideas and policies that kill freedom.

Our present isn't much better.

Crime. Unemployment. Failing services. Fading hope.

Many are wondering if there’s any hope of saving South Africa:

Will South Africans of different races ever get along?
But only if you reject politicians who use race to divide us, and influencers and journalists who know that racism sells. In fact, most South Africans are not racists.
The data is clear: South Africans know they must work together for our country to succeed.

Will corruption ever stop killing our children's futures?
But only if you stand up, and help change the laws that have allowed the powerful to look after themselves, leaving millions stuck in poverty created by decades of bad policies.

Will crime stop destroying lives?
But only if you step up to help rebuild a criminal justice system that really serves justice and freedom.
Only if we take action and motivate others to join us, can we beat the evils of lawlessness, poverty, and a broken prison system that fuel crime.

Will people find jobs?
But only if you say "No!" to policies that kill jobs, and fight for policies that give people the freedom to work, use their skills and earn an income.

Things are tough, but they don't have to be.

We CAN save South Africa if we care enough to get involved - if we
EMPOWER individuals to become problem solvers in their own lives and communities;
BUILD relationships of trust between citizens to confront problems together; and
CONNECT freedom-loving people to fight for an accountable, honest, and effective government.

To stay on the side-lines and think it’s someone else's problem - THAT's how we lose. Getting off the side-lines can save South Africa.


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