5 times the ANC wasted your money

For years, the ANC has promised to deal with corruption. Although, promises are not worth much without ensuing action.

Ever since Cyril Ramaphosa became South Africa’s president, he has made strong promises to the citizens, outlining the government’s commitment to fighting corruption. The problem with this commitment, however, is that it has been met with little to no action. This shows that the ANC is immune to changing its ways and that it will continue to steal from South Africans, even after the elections have taken place. As usual, the ANC has been exposed for harboring corrupt politicians and shady connections. Here are five times the ANC wasted your money:

  1. Enoch Mgijima Municipal “Stadium”

R15 million was spent on building a shoddy “stadium”. In October 2021, headlines were made when it was revealed that Enoch Mgijima Municipality spent R15 million on a poorly-constructed “stadium” for nearby residents. When pictures of the facility were released, social media platforms were abuzz with negative commentary, expressing outrage at the quality of the project compared to its costs.

  1. uMngeni Guardhouse

The government has spent R2,5 million on building a small guardhouse in uMngeni.  uMngeni Municipality in Kwazulu-Natal has spent more than two million rand to build a guesthouse in the cemetery. This is money that could have been spent on helping the residents who are based in the area and currently struggling with service delivery issues, such as a lack of access to electricity.

  1. Digital Vibes scandal

Digital Vibes is a company that was founded by former associates of Dr. Zweli Mkhize. It was revealed that digital vibes received a tender of over R100 million from the Department of Health, to provide communications services to the government. Since then, further investigations revealed that Tahera Mather, the head of Digital Vibes, used the company as a personal bank account. She has used the funds Digital Vibes received to pay for overseas holidays, home renovations and shopping sprees at a Gucci store.

  1. Defence Force wife tenderpreneuring

A company that was headed by the wife of a SANDF General was awarded a tender worth over R100 million by the SANDF, despite sharing false information in the application process. Nombasa Ntsondwa-Ndhlovu, who is married to General Noel Ndhlovu, received two tenders by the SANDF for transport services. Together, these tenders were over R100 million.

  1. COVID-19 funds looted

Billions was stolen through the pandemic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the South African government was tasked with helping citizens who were harshly impacted by the lockdown. Instead of ensuring that these funds were spent on those who needed assistance the most, the government allowed billions of the relief funds to be stolen by their politically-connected friends.

As South Africa struggles economically and crimes worsens, the ANC continues to make citizens poorer. The party achieves this through participating in corruption. Over the years, the ANC has proven that it does not take its commitment to the South African citizens seriously. The only option is for the voters to choose another party for government. Until the ANC abandons its destructive policies as part of its National Democratic Revolution and starts fighting corruption, its presence in the public sector will always be detrimental to South Africans.


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