StopCitizenAbuse: Help the IRR stop the government from banning guns for self-defence

The IRR is driving a lobby to stop the draft legislation that will ban guns for self-defence and needs your help.


Fill in the form below so that we can show the government that you endorse our lobby and the submission we have sent to the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service (CPS) opposing the legislation. Then find out about the other actions we will be taking (below) to safeguard the rights of law-abiding gun owners in South Africa and learn why your participation in this lobby is very important.

Fill in the form below and we will email to the Civilian Secretariat for Police that you as an individual endorse our submission and our lobby to stop the draft legislation. Make your voice count – find out why this helps.

Why your participation is important

The more voices we get the support this lobby the more pressure we will exert on the government to withdraw the legislation. We have fought civil rights battles in South Africa for 90 years and know that public pressure will be the deciding factor to winning this fight. Don’t be a victim. Stand up for your rights. Get involved. Make sure your voice is heard. Please share this page with your friends, family, colleagues, and associations.

The actions we will be taking to stop this legislation include

  1. Legal pressure on the government to drop the bill.
  2. Challenging anti-firearm propaganda and misinformation in the media.
  3. Explaining in the mainstream media why gun rights are civil rights and why law-abiding citizens should not be scapegoated for government failures.
  4. Giving thousands of citizens a voice to challenge and pressure the government.
  5. Directly targeting law and policy makers to drop the draft legislation. 

The draft amendment is summarized in the Government Gazette, but the actual wording is absent and so difficult to find online. Click here to view a leaked copy of the legislative amendment.