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As empowered citizens, we can make South Africa the greatest country in the world. This is why the IRR fights for your freedom, equality of opportunity, and the rights of every individual. Sign up now to become a Friend of the IRR to make a difference.

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We fight for your freedom and prosperity by fighting in the battle of ideas. We use rigorous analysis, face-to-face lobbying, and media exposure to convince politicians, government officials, and business leaders to adopt policies that safeguard the liberty of the individual and equality before the law, and reject every measure that stands to undermine them.

At the height of South Africa’s oppression, the IRR emerged as the most courageous and influential anti-apartheid think tank in the world. We continue using the same ideas that served it well for so much of the 20th century to inspire its work today.

Do you want to live in a South Africa with a rising economy and growing prosperity? If yes, we’re on your side.

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