IRR Growth Strategy

In this submission to the 2023 Multi-Party National Convention, John Endres urges political parties to shift their mindset towards decisively defeating poverty, noting that it can only be beaten by fast economic growth. The formula for fast economic growth in South Africa is set out in this report.

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South Africa needs nothing less than bold reforms capable of giving citizens a realistic chance of getting ahead through much faster economic growth, increased employment, effective socio-economic empowerment, and a sustainable safety net that helps integrate even the poorest into an innovative and expanding economy.

The proposals outlined in this report provide a credible foundation for sustainable growth rates of 7% of GDP within a decade – provided the Eskom growth constraint is removed and the policy environment is appropriately reformed. This will allow South Africa to combat unemployment, poverty and inequality, live up to its great potential, and emerge as a prosperous middle-income economy by the 2030s.