We can #SaveRuralSA

We can make life in rural SA safer. We can secure property rights for rural SA. We can make life in rural SA better. We can #SaveRuralSA.

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The IRR’s Land, Lives & Liberty: A five-point plan to save rural SA presents a simple set of solutions to make sure South Africans living in rural areas can thrive and fulfill their ambitions to #LiveFree in a peaceful and prosperous country.

Sign this petition to the Minister of Police and the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform to #SaveRuralSA!

The IRR’s five-point plan is simple, but practical:

  1. Ensure responsible citizens can exercise their right to self defense
  2. Implement a new and effective rural safety plan
  3. Secure property rights for all
  4. Invest, maintain, and upgrade rural infrastructure
  5. Focus on creating jobs to uplift rural South Africa

Security of the person is the basis of any peaceful and prosperous society. A fundamental element of Land, Lives & Liberty is, therefore, the ability of South Africans to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Without property rights, no community can build or prosper. Yet, property rights have become increasingly under threat – especially in rural areas. Expropriation without compensation, land grabs, the inability to gain title deeds and rightfully own property – all these have contributed to the socio-economic instability that makes life in rural SA much harder than it needs to be.

Life in rural SA is much harder than it needs to be. Jobs are scarce, growth non-existent, circumstances harsh. Large parts of our country have been forgotten by those in power, failed and exploited by those in office. This must change – and it can.