SaveTheEconomy: Help us pressure specific ministers and CEOs

The IRR is seizing forward momentum to direct pressure where it counts in rands and cents, existing policies that cancel growth. Support our next step to challenges ministers and CEO’s to implement our proposals that will deliver economic growth.


Fill in the form below so that we can show Ministers and CEOs that you endorse our lobby and the letters we will send to the Minister of Employment and Labour, Minister of Finance, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Minister of Small Business Development, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Trade and Indudstry, and five CEOs of big banks. Then find out about the other actions we will be taking to replace race-based policy, protect property rights, and take back control through our voucher systems.

Fill in the form below and we will email to the Ministers and CEOs that you as an individual endorse our submission and our lobby to start putting in the legal frameworks that will get South African back to work. Make your voice count – find out why this helps.

The actions we will be taking to #SaveTheEconomy and replace failing policies with with growth-oriented ones include.

  1. Protect property rights: we are fighting the push to amend Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for Expropriation Without Compensation.
  2. End race-based policies: scrap policies like BEE and replace it with our alternative EED.
  3. Take back control: by adopting our voucher systems for education, housing and healthcare control will be taken from politicians and given to ordinary South Africans

We have done tons of research on property rights, economic empowerment and voucher systems. The policies we promote would reduce the government’s administrative reach, and so reduce its potential for corruption, would boost education and jobs (based on international experience), would increase individual freedom, would secure property rights and prosperity.

You can read about our research by clicking any of the links below:

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Race-based policy

Voucher systems