Hands off my pension!

The ANC government is once again thinking of trying to implement prescribed assets to get their hands onto your savings.

Prescribed assets are when the government forces your pension fund to invest a proportion of your assets into things such as state-owned enterprises, or government bonds, or other government infrastructure projects.

In 2020 the IRR managed to force the government to back off from trying to take the hard-earned savings of South Africans to prop up a failing state by putting pressure on pension fund managers to take a stand.

However, the ANC is again considering this policy of targeting your savings to try help it plug government finding gaps which it has caused. Prescribed assets are in its election manifesto and senior ANC officials are talking about introducing the policy after this year’s elections.

If your pension company is forced to invest your pension in failing state companies or government bonds you will have less money when you retire, potentially significantly less.

Support the IRR by signing our petition. We will be your voice and once again ask pension funds to make a stand against this raid on your pension. We will also approach the minister of finance and other senior government and ANC officials to tell them that there are other options to get investment growing.

The IRR stopped the ANC from taking your pension before. With your help we can stop them again.